All patient information is kept confidential between Footco, the patient, and the referring physicians.

Referring physicians are kept updated with regard to patient progress per  notes that are sent to the physician via US Postal Service. Progress notes are not sent electronically unless specifically requested by the patient in cases where time is a critical factor.. All correspondence between Footco and the patient are kept strictly confidential except when appropriate to include in progress note updates to the referring physician.

In some cases, the physical therapist who is working with the referring physician will request progress notes. In this situation the patient is consulted first for consent.

Patients are informed that progress notes will be sent to their referring physician in a timely manner to keep them updated and to facilitate follow up treatments.

In cases where an insurance carrier requests patient files to facilitate the processing of a claim, the requests are forwarded to the referring physician and the patient is notified of the request.

In legal cases where patient’s files are requested by subpoena, the patient is notified of the request. In this situation the request is forwarded to the referring physician who has a complete collection of Footco progress notes related to the particular patient.

Footco does not share patient information with any other clinic personnel at the Southport office. As a sole proprietorship, there are no employees. Patient charts are removed from the clinic at the end of every day to protect patient privacy.

Insurance claim forms that are generated for patients to seek reimbursement for services are given to the patient to submit. The patient is given a copy to submit and one to keep for their records. When a patient requests Footco to e-mail a duplicate copy of a claim form for purposes of re-submitting a claim to their insurance carrier, the form is modified to remove all personal information including address, phone number, ID#, group#, and any other information that is specific to a particular patient i order to protect their privacy.  The patient is then responsible for re-entering this information prior to re-submitting their claim form.

Footco does not share any patient information with business associates.

No information is shared without the patient’s prior consent.

If you have any suggestions as to how to improve any of these points, please e-mail with your suggestions.

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