clinical services

Footco provides thorough biomechanical evaluations by referral from physicians and other health care professionals. Patient population includes all age groups and activity levels. Diagnostics include static and dynamic evaluation of the musculo-skeletal system as well as exercise assessment/recommendations.

Custom orthoses are made by hand under the supervision of Tim Porcelli. All work is done in-house, and reflects 45 years of continuous fine-tuning and research of materials and fabrication techniques. The materials used for Footco orthoses are the finest available. Each orthosis is a carefully crafted and functional work of art.

Video Gait Analysis has been a key aspect of Footco Orthopedic’s reputation.  Tim Porcelli pioneered the clinical application of video gait analysis in 1984 as a standard diagnostic tool to study neuro-muscular disorders. It has evolved to include slow motion studies of athletes and patients who require more than a cursory evaluation. Gait analysis is used in cases where the source of a patient’s symptoms requires a more in-depth assessment.

Features of Video Gait Analysis:

Slow motion progression studies at 30 frames per second

Freeze frame consults with patients

Muscle balance correlations to gait patterns

Printouts for referring physicians and therapists

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