insurance info


Patients are required to pay in full (by check, cash, or PayPal) at the time of the visit for evaluations. Insurance forms are provided and we help to chase down claims with up to three follow up letters to the carrier.

Full Custom Orthoses work-up

For full custom orthoses work, patients are required to pre-pay 100% (by check, cash, or PayPal) at the time of casting. Insurance forms are provided at the fitting visit except for Medicare. Footco is not a Medicare provider and cannot provide claim forms for Medicare claims.

NOTE: Footco Orthopedic has no insurance contracts.

The reimbursement rates of each insurance carrier are different, and their rates of reimbursement are constantly changing, so there is no guarantee that you will receive any reimbursement from your insurance carrier.

*Footco Orthopedic is NOT a Medicare provider. We have no relationship with Medicare. The reimbursement rate for Medicare had been so low, and required so much paperwork, that Footco discontinued participation with Medicare many years ago.

***Footco is out of network with all insurance carriers***

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