video gait analysis

vidfreeze2Video is an effective tool for closely evaluating structural movement of the entire body during the gait cycle. Standard video captures 30 frames per second. A typical video study contains information from approximately 2 minutes of dynamic activity (walking, running, sports, etc.). This translates to 3600 frames to view in slow motion.

The frames are reviewed and when a significant asymmetry is discovered the video frame is saved to a computer disk as an image file. The image files are assembled in sequence together on one screen and the key features are marked. They are then printed and sent, with progress notes, to the referring practitioner.

In most cases a progression report is generated that shows:

  •  the pre-fitting dynamics
  •  the fitting visit dynamics
  •  post-fitting dynamics

These printouts help to simplify discussions among the practitioners who make up the treatment team.

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