ACFO (Porcelli Orthosis)

ACFO aka “Foot Brace” patent T. Porcelli #4934355

Photo copyright T. Porcelli 1989

Ankle-Calcaneal-Forefoot Orthosis

(Porcelli Orthosis)

The Porcelli Orthosis (ACFO) was first introduced in 1986 following intensive clinical studies of rehabilitation patients with neuro-muscular deficits secondary to cerebral vascular accidents (CVA). The brace is designed to be used concurrent with physical therapy to implement sensory motor control in cases where there is trace or better activity of the lower extremity anterior compartment.

The brace is designed to enhance exteroceptive feedback while providing precise subtalar and midtarsal joint alignment.

*Although this brace was initially designed for use with post-CVA patients, it has also been successful as an adjunct to physical therapy in treating sports injuries of the posterior tibial tendon.

patent T. Porcelli #4934355

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